4 Tips For Buying Second-hand Tyres That Lasts

Second-hand Tyres

Speedy Cash For Cars Brisbane often gets questions from customers asking us if investing in second-hand tyres is a good idea. And our answer is always “it depends”. There are many factors to consider before purchasing second-hand tyres, and it can be quite tricky for people who have little knowledge about tyres.

Tyres in Australia has become relatively cheaper since new Asian companies have introduced affordable tyres forcing the premium brands to reduce their prices and introduce more budget-friendly tyres.

A disadvantage of purchasing second-hand tyres is that it never lasts as long as the brand new ones, and car owners often have to spend more to replace them. But if you are still interested in investing in second-hand tyres, here are some helpful tips to get the best tyres:

Evaluate the depth of the tyre

Measuring the depth of the tyre helps the car owner get an idea regarding the life of the tyre. With a simple tire depth gauge, you can measure the depth and approximate how long the tyre will last. Typically the depth of a brand new tyre is between 10-12/32, and the minimum depth required to trade in the tyre is 4/32nd of the tread. So, anything in between is safe to purchase.

Read the Age of the Tyre

Tyre’s age can be found in writing on the side of the tyre. It’s typically recommended replacing the tyre within 5 to 6 years of use. That is because old tyres tend to crack or blow out. So, it’s important to know the tyre’s age to assess it’s the life span and haggle down the price.

Look for defects

It costs around $50 to $150 to get the tyre mounted, balanced, and installed in Australia. So it’s better to know beforehand if the tyre is worth buying. Therefore before purchasing, thoroughly check the product. Make sure it doesn’t have any air bubbles in the sidewalls, as tyres with bubbles are prone to blow out at any moment. Also, look for patches in the inner part of the tyre; as such, tyres cannot hold air. And most importantly, keep an eye out for any holes, missing chunks or punctures.

Observe any uneven tread wear

Before buying second-hand tyres, try looking for any uneven tread wear on the tyre. Sometimes, due to bad alignment, the tyre’s inner edge gets worn out while the outer edge remains in better condition. These tyres are a safety hazard and have a much shorter life span. Even if you align the tyre properly for yourself, it will still wear out unevenly and will require replacing. we follow all standards of the Australian government.