5 Ways to Rain-proof Your Car

Rain Proof Your Car

Getting into the spring season means extremely rainy weather. And if the vehicle isn’t protected from the rain it will end up affecting the working condition of the car.
Below are the 5 tips to rain proof your car this spring 2021.

1. Protect the outer paint

Contaminants within the paint can erode overtime when they come in contact with water. Therefore, it’s important to wax your vehicles to save them from rusting. Applying a layer of wax to the car helps maintain the paint’s integrity.
Along with waxing the exterior, you can also add paint protection film on the outside. This will form another barrier between the water and the car’s body. It will not only protect the car from rust but also minor inconveniences such as scratches and paint chipping off.

2. Rain Repellant is your best friend

Rain repellants are not only great for repelling the water from car surfaces but also are very effective in improving visibility while driving. The repellant when applied creates a slick surface that doesn’t allow the water droplets to stay on it. Hence when applied to the windshield of the car creates a clear screen for the driver to see through.

3. Seal Your Car And Keep the Rain Out

It’s as important to protect the car from the inside as it is to protect it from the outside. For outside, there is a wide range of waxes and sealants available to do the job. But for inside, having proper rubber seals can help you greatly in the long run.
Rubber seals act as a barrier for dust, debris, water, and other particles from getting inside the vehicle. Having proper rubber seals can prevent water from getting into the car. These seals, unfortunately, get damaged with time or by slamming the doors, but they are easy to replace and are affordable.

4. Shelter Your Car Throughout The Season

Garages, sheds, car covers, all of these are made to help protect your vehicle from the effects of the elements. Whenever possible, always park your vehicle in a sheltered area. This will prevent water from seeping into the car and will drastically reduce the rate of corrosion.

5. Take Care Of Underside of the Vehicle

Regularly washing the base of the vehicle is as important as cleaning the exterior. With regular use, water accumulates underneath the vehicle as well. This can lead to the accumulation of salt and mineral deposit which causes corrosion. And because this corrosion is underneath the vehicle it can go unnoticed for a long time resulting in major problems.
Therefore, it’s important to get the base of the vehicle washed regularly to blast away any mineral residue from it.

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With these 5 rain proof your car tricks, you are on the right track to water-proof your car and have a problem-free rainy season. But if you have a car that has been standing in one place for a long time and is no more roadworthy, then sell your car to Speedy Cash For Cars in Brisbane. We accept cars in all conditions and pay up to $9,998 for them.
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