Get Rid Of An Old Car in Hervey Bay – The Pros And Cons Of Your 5 Options

Get Rid Of An Old Car in Hervey Bay

Most car owners spend a large chunk of their time thinking of the best ways to sell their vehicles. Their aim primarily is to sell their cars off in the most hassle-free manner and get maximum cash for their vehicles. But finding the ideal way for yourself is a time-consuming task. So, we consulted with industry experts and created this compact list to provide you with all the help you need to sell your old car for cash in Hervey Bay.

Options For Your Old Car

We have listed down the top 5 options on how to get rid of your scrap car and included the pros and cons of each method. This will help you make the most informed decision regarding selling your vehicle. 

So, let’s explore the options below:

Barter Your Car

This approach is ideal if you want a quick method to get rid of your vehicle and avoid the lengthy private sale process. Simply barter your vehicle with someone you trust, and get something you need in exchange for the car. Many people prefer this method of sale to get rid of their old vehicle and prevent it from turning into a scrap car. 

Pros of this method: It’s an easy way to get rid of your vehicle and avoid the waiting period before getting paid. 

Cons of this method: Most of the time, the item you will get in exchange is worth less than the price of the car. 

Helpful tip: As most people are not open to bartering options, it’s better to do deals with someone you trust, such as close friends and family. 


Sell It Online

People nowadays are leaving the traditional route and moving towards online methods of car sales. This method still requires you to place advertisements over various websites and write eye-catching descriptions. But because e-commerce websites have a more extensive reach, you can for sure find the right buyers within a short period. 

Pros of this method: It is easy, quick, and anyone can do it in a matter of minutes.

Cons of this method: It’s common to find scammers online. So it is essential to choose reliable and well-known websites to place your ads on. 

Helpful tip: Before selling online, do your research regarding the documents needed to sell your vehicle. 

Trade It At Dealership

If selling vehicles online is not your forte, try trading it to a dealership. Dealerships will purchase your unwanted vehicle and provide a discount on the newer car by considering the old cars trade-in value.


Pros of this method: The best perk of this method is that you will lower the cost of the car you want to buy.

Cons of this method: Dealerships will only purchase roadworthy vehicles and those in good working condition. So you cant sell your scrap car at the dealership and expect a discount. 

Helpful tip: Don’t settle on your first dealership before conducting market research. Go around to different dealerships and find the best deals for your car before committing. 

Donate it to charity

Another way you can get rid of your vehicle is by donating it to charity. Many charities in Hervey Bay take unwanted vehicles of various shapes and sizes and auction them off. And the money collected from these auctions is then used by the charities.

Pros of this method: By choosing this, you are helping many people in dire need. And you will also get value off your taxes.

Cons of this method: You will receive no cash in exchange for the car.

Helpful tip: Do your research well before donating your vehicles to a charity to avoid any scammers. 

Scrap It 

If you have a car that is not in working condition and you want to get rid of it as soon as possible, this is the best method. Selling your scrap car for cash Hervey Bay allows you to sell the vehicle from the comfort of your home. 

Services such as SpeedyCashForCars provides you with a free valuation tool, in which all you have to do is fill the form with details of your car, and you will receive a quote within minutes. They also pay up to $9,998 in instant Cash For Cars Hervey Bay and provide FREE towing services all over the city.   

Pros of this method: The car can be sold within 24 hours, and you will receive instant cash in hand.

Cons of this method: You will not receive as much money as you would get by selling each car part individually.

Helpful tips: Always choose scrap yards that are licensed and registered. SpeedyCashForCars is a licensed business with decades of experience in the industry. 


There are many options with which you can discard your unwanted cars in Hervey Bay. And in the above list shows five options to suit the different needs of the car sellers. So, choose the one that best suits you and always look for a reliable business to sell your car to.

Happy selling