How To Get Rid Of Damaged Car In Logan

How To Get Rid of a Damaged Car in Logan

Whether it be due to an accident, fire, hail, or flood, once in a blue moon, you can end up with a damaged vehicle on your hand. But the good news for you is now there are many ways in which you can sell your damaged car for cash in Logan. 

There are plenty of junkyards all over the city that can purchase your vehicle, but unfortunately, most of them don’t offer competitive prices or good customer service. So it’s essential to choose a reliable service that can give you the best value for your vehicle. 

If you have a damaged car you want to get rid of? Read on and learn how you can sell your car for cash and receive FREE removal services. 


How much can you sell a Damaged car for cash in Logan?

The first step to selling your vehicle is to know how much most car buyers are willing to pay for a car. Many car owners calculate the value of their vehicles by calculating the scrap metal in the car and multiplying it with the current steel rates. This method is easy but doesn’t include overhead charges that are taken into account by the junk car buyer. So most buyers will pay below the calculated amount.


So you can expect to receive around:

$50 – $300 for smaller cars

$250 – $800 for medium cars

$1000 – $10,000 for larger cars


Scrap car buyers Logan purchase a variety of vehicles,

Dead and gone junk cars

These vehicles are totalled cars that are so damaged that they can not run. Their use is only for some spare parts or scrap metal.


These include:

  • Cars damaged in accidents
  • Rusted vehicles
  • Junk cars
  • Fire damaged cars
  • Hail and flood-damaged vehicles
  • Vehicles with missing parts
  • And more.

Good condition junk 

These vehicles cannot be categorized as complete junk or completely roadworthy. They fall somewhere in the middle. They are usually old cars that require fixing and are prone to regular breaks downs. If your vehicle has many problems and fixing it will cost you more money than the car’s value, these will be considered good condition junks. 

Maybe not junk cars

These cars cannot be considered junk. Such cars are easier to sell and get good rates for becasue they have a decent body, all the parts are intact and only suffers from minor problems. Therefore, many junk car buyers, as well as dealerships, prefer to buy these vehicles.

We Buy Damaged Cars in Logan Without the Hassle

Selling vehicles in Logan is challenging, especially if you are trying to sell a damaged car. But some businesses can help you get top cash for your vehicle and also provide free removal services. One such reliable business is SpeedyCashForCars.

SpeedyCashForCars is a trusted car buyer with the best customer reviews. We purchase various vehicles regardless of size, make, model, condition and pay top cash for cars Logan. Along with that, we also offer many convenient services such as free quotes, online customer services, and more that can help you sell car for cash without even leaving your home.

Our 3-step cash for Damaged cars process

  • 1-Provide Us with Some Preliminary Details

We provide our customers with an online quote form that you can fill. In this form, you will be asked to give some detail about your vehicle, including the make, model, and condition. We will use this information to develop a customized quote for your car and send it to you within minutes.

  • 2-Take Us Upon Our Cash Offer

If you like the value quoted, then you can schedule an onsite inspection with our experts. We will make an offer only after performing an online inspection. The date, time and place can be decided by you, and we will be there right on time.   

  • 3- Forget About Towing, We Pick Up the Car for You

If you want to move forward with the offer we make, we can get the paperwork started right away and pay you cash up to $9,998. We also provide our customers with free towing from anywhere in Logan.


Call us today to sell your car within a day and enjoy a hassle-free car selling experience.