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Speedy Cash For Cars is a licensed scrap yard in Brisbane and deals with a variety of junk and unwanted cars in the QLD area. No matter where you are located our tow truck drivers will come to you and offer your FREE car removal services.

There are numerous abandoned vehicles in the Brisbane area and we want them to not end up in landfills, but be recycled and used. Our initiative is to preserve our environment for future generations and provide Brisbanite with a place where they can sell their unwanted vehicles without any hassle and on top of it earn cash up to $9,998.

If you have a car damaged beyond repair, get in touch.

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    Get Top Cash For Scrap Metals

    Scrap metal recyclers provide their customers complementary services to collect their scrap cars or machinery right from their doorsteps. To provide convenience and ease, we pick your scrap metal and provide you instant cash right there and then without the wait.

    Whether you have an old car or a piece of damaged machinery, we will purchase it from you. Apart from that we also buy:

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    Eco-friendly Recycling Services

    State Of The Art Eco-friendly Recycling Services

    With our eco-friendly recycling, we aim to reuse most of the components of the scrap vehicle and send little to none of no waste to landfills. Metal recycling services give you an opportunity to help protect the environment. That is because reusing and recycling scrap metal saves up to 90% of the energy compared to mining for metal ores.

    We recycle the metal parts such as the body of the vehicle, rims, engine, etc. and we use the working spare parts salvaged from these vehicles in other cars.

    If you have a scrap car lying in your backyard, give us a call and we will help you sell the junk vehicle in just one day.

    Eco-friendly Recycling Services

    Choosing Us Is The Right Choice

    We have experience of more than 10 years in the Cash for Cars Brisbane industry, so if you are looking for a reliable place to sell your scrap cars, we are the right choice.

    With us you get:

    • 1. Offer highest amount of cash for scrap cars up to $9,998
    • 2. Genuine and accurate quotes
    • 3. We provide hassle-free paperwork, all you have to do is sign them.
    • 4. Large fleet of tow trucks available 24/7 to pick your vehicle from all over QLD
    • 5. We are a licensed and registered business in Brisbane

    Sell Your Scraps in Few Steps

    We have developed a simple way to sell any of your scrap vehicles within a day.

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