Selling Frame Damage Vehicle In Ipswich: Everything You Need To Know

Selling Frame Damage Vehicle In Ipswich: Everything You Need To Know

Read this article to learn the common signs of a frame-damaged vehicle, the cost associated with repairs and what you can do about selling these cars for cash in Ipswich.

There would be no car accidents in an ideal world, and our cars will age well without being harmed. But in the real world, unexpected accidents are prevalent. In Australia alone, there were over 10,000 road accident injuries in 2020.

This is an unfortunate fact that every day there are hundreds of car collisions across the nation. If you are lucky, your vehicle will only suffer from cosmetic damages, such as scrapes and dents; but if the luck is against you, these accidents can take the turn for the worst and damage your car’s frame and lead to severe mechanical and electrical damage.

Read on to learn the importance of the car frame and the typical costs associated with its repair.


What Is Frame Damage?

A car frame is the main structure of the vehicle which is responsible for supporting the whole car. Any compromise to this structure damages the vehicles ability to function correctly and is called frame damage. The most common example of frame damage is when the car bends; this usually occurs when a blow suffered from a collision substantially bends the support structure of the car.

Here are a few of the common characteristics that can be considered frame damage.


Non-uniform Bend

In a non-uniform bend, one side of the vehicle doesn’t match the other side. Usually, the rails of the frame are highly uniform on both sides. But if you notice a bend that does not match the other side, it is a sign of frame damage.


Badly Altered Alignment 

Having a misaligned vehicle can be a safety hazard for people riding the car. So if you see a car whose frame is not aligned and is visibly distorted, know that the vehicle has suffered frame damage. 


Ill-fitted Components

Vehicles with frame damage tend to have car components that show a lack of finish and fit. You may notice that doors don’t close properly, and noticeable noises are coming from the vehicle. 


Irregularly Worn-out Tyres

When the frame of the vehicle is misaligned, it puts uneven pressure on the tyres. This can be evidence of the surface of the tyres in the form of irregular wear.


How Much Does It Cost To Repair Frame Damage?

The ability of the car to work depends on the extent of frame damage it has suffered. Most people choose to repair their vehicles after accidents, but that depends on the type of damage the car has suffered.

If a car requires an extensive repair that would take a lot of time and money, it’s better not to carry it out as repaired car frame is less stable than the undamaged ones.

But if you feel that the damage is not extensive and you can save the vehicle with a few repairs, then here is the cost associated with it:


  • You can fix simple repairs such as minor dents, scrapes, and fender benders within $1,000.
  • Significant frame damage can cost upwards of $10,000 and more if labour is also included. Major repairs for vehicles are expensive because they require industrial machines to stretch the frame back to its original position.


Can You Sell Your Frame Damaged Car?

Car frame damage caused by the collision is brutal to repair and can be pretty expensive. These vehicles, even after repair, never return to their original performance, so selling them off is the best way. 

But do people purchase vehicles with frame damage? The answer to this question is a solid yes. Even though these vehicles are no longer ideal for driving on roads, they still have materials for use.


These vehicles are a great source of steel and other metals such as magnesium and aluminium. Along with that, vehicles with less severe damage can also be a good source of spare parts. 

Businesses such as SpeedyCashForCars purchase these vehicles from all over the Ipswich area, pay customers cash for scrap cars Ipswich up to $9,998 and provide FREE removal services. 


Once SpeedyCashForCar purchases your frame-damaged vehicle, they send it to their recycling facility, where they are used for scrap metal and spare parts. These businesses are ideal for selling your frame-damaged cars as they not only pay instant cash for cars Ipswich but also follow the QLD government’s guidelines while recycling them.

All in all, life is precious, whether it be your life, the life of your passengers, or the pedestrians. So, don’t compromise your safety and waste your hard-earned cash on fixing a vehicle with a damaged frame and no hope. Instead, sell it to a reliable car buyer in a hassle-free way and earn cash in return.