What Should You Do With Flooded Engine?

What Should You Do with Flooded Engine?

There is nothing worse than seeing your car flooded. And if water gets in the engine, you will have to act fast to repair the damage. Yes, most engines can handle a little amount of water but remaining in deep water for long periods of time is not a good signal. Nonetheless, because flooding in Australia is quite common every year, here are some ideas to assist you in getting out of a flooded scenario with the least amount of damage possible to the engine.


How to Prevent Flood Damage to Your Vehicle

In March 2021, widespread flooding in the Sydney basin and the Mid North Coast of NSW that extended into South East Queensland causes thousands of cars to be swept away, while many cars got damaged.

We all know how brutal such natural disasters have been to car engines. Water or flood damage to cars is as real as it gets. Knowing how to protect your car components and its engine in the case of a flood or waterlogging is now a requirement for everyone. As a result, we’d like to talk about some strategies to keep your car safe from floods and water damage.


  1. Try to park on a higher level of an above-ground parking garage or at the top of a hill. Water tends to collect first in low-lying regions. If you reside in a building with an underground parking garage, it’s a good idea to park your car on the bottom floor.
  2. When a storm is approaching, make sure to close all of your vehicle’s windows and doors firmly.
  3. If your car is suddenly submerged in water, you should immediately switch it off, park it, and get yourself and your passengers to safety. It’s difficult to know how deep the standing water is or when it’ll suddenly rise, and your car may be washed away while you’re inside.
  4. If you have time and leaving your car in a flooded area, disconnect the battery to avoid damaging computerised and electrical car components.
  5. Avoid crossing in front of other cars, especially large cars which can be particularly dangerous because they can cause waves that push the water higher than it should be.
  6. Keep your car in first gear and keep the revs high. It allows you to keep your car steady at low speeds and maintain a firm grip on the car’s trajectory, as well as driving at higher rev, which helps prevent water from entering the exhaust system.
  7. If your car stalls, attempt to restart it as soon as possible because the longer you wait, the more water will sneak up your exhaust system.


What to Do After the Water Recedes

The first rule of thumb is to access the condition and note the floodwater depth of your vehicle. Mud lines frequently leave a mark on both the inside and outside of the car.


  1. Do not start the car right away, and make sure if the mechanical parts are dried up completely.
  2. Dry the car interior completely with wet/dry vacuum and leave the car doors open, the bonnet and boot lid, and take out the carpets and seats if possible. You can use the portable fan to make the drying process quicker.
  3. It’s quite possible that the water got mixed up with your car’s fluids like engine oil, brake oil, transmission fluid, etc. So, before starting the car, it is better to replace all the fluids.
  4. Water may easily enter the air filter and, eventually, the engine in many modern cars because of the low air intake. As a result, if the filter is damp and there is water in the air filter, you have water in the engine. So, it is better to replace the air filters too.


If water reaches the bottom of the dashboard, most insurance companies would consider the car totalled. However, you will need good car insurance that can cover the flood damage as well. Flood damage is usually covered by comprehensive insurance. Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible.


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