The website is operated by the company Speedy Cash For Cars Ltd. and in this document will be referred to as “Our Company” “We” “Us” in this Privacy Policy. In this document, we have explained our policies regarding data protection, user privacy, the types of information we collect when you visit our pages, what information will be used for, and how this data helps us with our business decisions.

The data we collect through our website is mainly used to improve the quality of the service provided. By using our service you have agreed to the collection of your data according to our policy; unless stated are the same as the terms and conditions that can be seen on our website.

We reserve the right to change remove or modify any of our privacy policies without prior notice. The terms and conditions shown on your site only represent our policies and are not responsible for any third party website that might be connected to us.

All brand names, logos, or trademarks that can be seen on our website, are here only for information purposes and we do not share and affiliation with them unless stated.

Collection of personally identifiable information

Personal data that is collected by us, is the only one that is voluntarily submitted by our customers. And it is only used to provide our customers with a better more personalized experience.

Types of data that we collect:

  • Address
  • Cookies
  • Email address
  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Credit card information
  • Social media details

We have designed these policies in a way that will guarantee the safety of our customers’ private data. And all our policies are designed according to the Australian privacy principles

Use of personal data

The personal data that is submitted by the customers is only used for the specific reason it is collected for, and nothing else. And if the data provided is used for some secondary reason then it will be stated beforehand.

The data we collect will help us analyze how our website is seen and used by our customers.

  • Browser data
  • IP address
  • Pages visited on the website
  • Time spent by an individual on our website.

This helps us provide a better experience to our customers.

Disclosure policy

Sometimes under special conditions, we might be required to disclose your personal information that we hold. Cases where a third party may interfere and try to damage the rights of our customers, in such cases we may be asked to share that information with other law enforcement agencies.

And in cases where we work alongside some third-party websites to provide our customers with better and efficient service, we may have to share some data with them.

Links to third-party websites.

On our website, you might be able to see links to other websites that are not owned by us these third-party websites do not follow the same privacy policies as we do, so we advise you to keep this information in mind when sharing any personal data on these sites.


The data we collect is stored in servers that are located outside of the country and the privacy laws may differ slightly from our policies.

We follow all the necessary measures required when transferring data from our computer to the servers

While transferring data we make sure to use all hardware, software, and administrative measured to ensure secure data transfer.

Even after all these measures, it should be understood that all transfer of data is never 100% secure. But to prevent any type of data breach all our contracts and policies and so that they respect the privacy and of our customers.

Any changes to the privacy policies

We regularly update our privacy policies in accordance with national and international laws. We ask our customers to visit our privacy policy page before they move forward on our site.

We also have a special feature for our registered customers, they get a special email stating the changes we will be making to our policies beforehand. This way they have a chance to add or remove any data that they wish not to share with our websites.

Inquires related to our privacy policies

We take the information shared with us very seriously, if we become aware of any lacking/gaps in our privacy policies we make sure to rectify the mistakes. If you or any other of our customers are aware of any discrepancies or have questions regarding them then please contact us now

For any concerns or questions regarding any data security policies then visit


Product or Service

The tern services here refer to the website  operated by the SpeedyCashForCars. We are an organization providing services such as cash for cars, accidental car removal, wrecking, and vehicle disposal services in Queensland.

Personal Data

All the information that is collected by us that can be used in identifying an individual. The information is used by us to provide a better personalized experience.

Usage Data

Data that is automatically gathered by computers while using our website.


Small files saved by your device useful for future references.

Contact us

For any queries related to our processes or policies, feel free to get in touch with us at the following places:

Address: 61 Ashover Rd, Rocklea QLD 4106, Australia.


Phone: 0466 324 324 | 07 3034 1648