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A car battery also has a restricted life span like all other parts of a car. So you need to replace it soon after it starts showing signs of repair. Most car batteries available in the market are standard batteries with a 12V output powering up your car’s important components.

But there are factors to consider when buying a car battery, which we discuss in this blog. Keep reading.

Types Of Car Batteries

Do you think that all car batteries are similar? That’s not so. If you don’t change your car battery on your own, then this might be a surprise for you. There are several types of car batteries from which you can choose the one suitable for your needs. 

Yes, many car batteries have the same working mechanism of turning the car’s chemical energy into electric current. However, there’s a difference between their construction, which makes batteries different in size and type. 

Lead Acid Battery

A lead acid battery needs the minimum maintenance. That is why these batteries are also known as zero-maintenance batteries. The working of this battery starts in short bursts that send the power to the car’s starting motor.

If you need a lead acid battery to send a very high rate of electric charge, it can do so. This battery is sealed, so you don’t need to top it up. The sealed spill proof construction means safe and stress free operation.

These batteries don’t need much maintenance as they are safe and last around 4 to 5 years. But without proper handling, you can have a serious injury from them. 

A lead acid battery has further two types:

Deep Cycle Battery

A deep cycle battery, also known as a marine battery, lasts longer as it is sealed. This battery discharges continuously without any deterioration. You get a steady current for a longer time.

SLI Car Battery

A Starting, Lighting, Ignition battery starts your car with short energy bursts and powers the lights and ignition. But once your car is running, the alternator provides the power for the smooth operation of the vehicle. Most cars use this battery type.

VRLA Batteries

These batteries, like lead acid batteries, use an electrolyte solution with lead in it. But Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid batteries have strong sealing. 

Regardless of their placement in your car, they rarely leak or let the gas out. That is why they are much safer than other types. Following are the two types of VRLA that you should know:

Gel Cell Battery

This battery, also called a dry cell battery, has an electrolyte solution with silica, which converts it into a gel from liquid. This battery doesn’t leak and is resistant to evaporation and high temperatures. Gel cell batteries generally have longer life cycles than other batteries. 

AGM Battery

Unlike EFB and SLI battery’s free-floating electrolyte solution, these have fibreglass separators that absorb the electrolyte. Absorbent Glass Mat batteries have the greatest and most modern technology.

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Factors You Should Consider When Buy a Car Battery

Battery Size

Most batteries have standard dimensions. Still, they are divided into various group sizes, meaning different heights, widths, and lengths. For correct battery replacement, consult with your trusted mechanic or check the owner’s manual. 

The best way to choose the right battery is to choose one that properly fits in your car battery’s tray. It should prevent any vibration damage and secure the car battery. 

Reserve Capacity

It is important to consider the battery model’s brand and performance. Choose a reputable brand with the best reserve capacity. Reserve capacity means how long your battery can run without using the car’s power. 

The higher the reserve capacity, the better your car will be in difficult situations such as alternator failure, forgetting to turn off the lights, and a non-compliant engine.


The condition in which you store your battery affects your car battery’s life duration. Your battery can last 4 to 5 years in cooler areas, but it may only last 1 to 2 years in hotter regions. 

Getting your battery tested can give you a fair idea of when to replace it. There is a term called Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), which can help you if you are looking in a cold climate. Cranking Amps (CA) refers to the energy amount you need to start a car 32F.  

Cold Cranking Amps is the power you need for starting a car battery at 0F. You should consider using any CCA battery if you are living in a colder climate. 


You must always buy a battery with a warranty as you never know when it can fail out of the blue. Choose the battery that comes with a warranty to replace this one with another one for free. 

The company will give you a free replacement time along with the prorated time. So, you can get partial reimbursement for the battery out of the total cost within a specific time period. 


When buying a battery, you must ensure to buy one that is recently manufactured, as batteries lose charge gradually. When a battery is kept in storage for some time, it loses strength, and the lost charge depends on the battery’s condition and age.

You will find a shipping code in most batteries case, so that is a way to find out the date of production of the battery. If you are planning to store the battery for a long time, always store it in a dry and cool place. And you should buy one that has been manufactured quite recently to avoid losing any charge.

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