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You are at that stage of life where you have to figure out whether you should fix your car or sell it as junk. An old car can cause many issues and require some repairs and maintenance from time to time to keep it Up-To-Date. But what if you are having thoughts like, “Is fixing the car repair costs me a lot”? We will help you figure out the better option for your car future.

When Should I Option to Repair My Car?

If someone suggested you to junk your old car, but you are thinking otherwise, it is better to know the pros and cons of both situations. So, let’s discuss when should you opt to repair your car.

  • Minor Dents & Scratches

If it turns out that you’ve only been paying regular maintenance and service fees, plus a few hundred dollars on repairs like paint chips or scratches or minor dents, then your expenses are actually rather minute. If the repaired value of your car is equal to or greater than the cost of the repair, it’s generally better to fix rather than to sell.

  • Your Car is Your Basic Necessity

If you have no budget for a new car and it is your basic necessity like going to the office, picking up or dropping off your kids, and getting groceries, it is best to stick to it a bit longer with what you have.

  • You can Afford the Unexpected Repairs

Owning a car means you can expect anything like a car accident, damage to car windows or headlight or taillights, tyre replacement, fines, insurance fees. So, if you have money saved to afford such unexpected costs of repairs, then you are good to go. 

  • No Change in Car Insurance

It’s worth checking to see if you’ll receive lower insurance costs if you trade-in your car for a newer model, but if you don’t, it could be worth holding on to for a little longer.


When Should I Option To Junk My Car?

A difficult yet sensible option if your car is too old is to let it go for good. We have gathered some reasons when you should opt to junk your car instead of wasting your money on repairs and fixes.

  • The Cost of Repairs Worth more than Its True Value

If your costs consistently rise into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars over time, or if you’re faced with an excessively high expense, you’re probably better off selling it as junk. 

Then you may proceed to buy a new reliable car with the money you get by selling it as junk, as well as the money you saved on repairs.

You’ll have to consider how much money you’ve already spent on repairs and how much more you’re willing to spend. You don’t want the overall cost of repairs to exceed the car’s actual value.

  • Unreliable Engine & Rusted Body

If your car experience a faulty engine that needs a jumpstart whenever you ignite it, your car is no longer reliable to go on roads. 

Any vehicle that reaches the end of its life may develop irreversible rust, damage, engine failure, weird knocking sound, dark smoke or noticeable smell, electrical failure, and other problems. All of these problems might result in expensive repairs.

  • Your Car Experienced a Major Crash

Accidentally damaged cars are never worth repairing because of the safety factor. Once your car experienced a crash, it is titled totalled, and you should sell it to a junkyard as soon as possible.

  • Your Car Model is too Old to Be Sold

Sometimes cars with later models are not easy to sell since very few buyers want an old car. So, if you have been trying to sell your old car for a longer time, it is time to sell it as junk and get a good amount of cash in return.

  • Safety Concerns

Consider the dangers of experiencing a breakdown while driving. Your old car has unlikely to have safety features like airbags, rearview cameras, lane change warning system, forward collision alert, blind-spot monitoring, automated parking etc. It may be time to consider buying a new car when it begins to show its age, especially when safety is a major concern.


If You are Ready to Sell your Car as Junk, Why Not Choose a Better Option

Now that you are ready to sell your car as junk choose a reliable company that fit your needs. Speedy Cash for Cars is a licensed junk car buyer who pays cash up to $9,998 for any car make, model, and condition. You get instant cash for cars Ipswich without any hidden charges.

So, get your car towed away for free without any hassle of paperwork. And request an online free quote on our website or call us at 04 6632 4324 to know your car’s worth.

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