Can I Trade In My Car With Transmission Issues?

Can I Trade in My Car with Transmission Issues?

Today, vehicle owners have more alternatives for selling their cars. You can negotiate a sale with a dealership of their present vehicle and drive away in a gleaming new model. You may sell a car with a faulty transmission or other issues. You can also trade in your bad engine car –Check out our blog

How To Trade in My Car with Faulty Engine?

If the expense of a repair exceeds the car’s true value, you should sell it rather than holding on to it for repairs or replacement.


What Causes Transmission to Fail?

  • Not servicing the transmission according to the owner’s manual schedule.
  • Driving recklessly can damage the internal transmission. 
  • Avoiding the sign of a red fluid leak from the front of a car.
  • Slipping gears and hard time shifting gears.
  • Driving at low gear fluid level.


What is the Value of My Faulty Transmission Car?

Before paying you, most used car dealerships would have to subtract the price of fixing your faulty transmission. This is because selling a car with a faulty transmission to another customer may put them in legal jeopardy. 

While not replacing or fixing the transmission before trading your vehicle can save you money upfront because depending on the year, mileage, model, and make of your car, most car dealers will not pay more than $600 to $2,000. So, best to keep yourself prepared that you will not get much with an older and high mileage car. 


Trade in Your Car to a Dealership

Determining the estimated value of your vehicle might help you get a fair deal on your trade-in. There are numerous online car valuation calculators to choose from, like Cars Guide, Auto Traders or Edmunds. Simply enter the make, model, mileage, and condition of your vehicle to obtain an estimate based on current auto market data.

Now that you know how much your car is worth, you can easily negotiate the price with the dealer and determine if you got a good bargain or were overcharged.

To give you an accurate trade-in value, your dealership will need to evaluate your car. The dealership will accept your car as long as it is running, and if they can’t fix it and sell it further, they’re likely to know someone who can.


Checking Out Other Options

Another alternative is to visit a local scrap car yard or scrap car removal service. Because they can profit on the metal when the vehicle is crushed, many of these companies will actually offer you a reasonable price. In addition, the paperwork is simple, and some may also offer free towing and cash upfront.

Or you can look for a garage that sells used auto parts since they could be interested in buying your complete car simply for the parts. The faulty transmission isn’t a problem in this situation because the car will be dismantled to its bare shell.


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