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Vehicles are our long-term investments, and we don’t want them to lose their value to nothing by the time they age. Keeping our vehicles stuck to market value often falls in our hands as regular maintenance can keep automobiles in the finest position. Road accidents and any natural calamity are subject to exceptional scenarios.   

If the automobiles are well taken care of, they get you back a good amount of cash for cars Brisbane in return at the time of sale, and your journey with the vehicle will be hassle-free. Some people don’t emphasize maintaining their vehicles, which makes them confront the damage to the car before its useful life ends.   

Here is a list of some key pointers on maintaining a vehicle with the minimum amount of hassle. 

Drive Safely Everyday  

It is very important to keep the vehicles being driven carefully, like accelerating slowly when you start to move, being aware of the barriers beforehand, and avoiding driving at high speeds, especially when the weather is cold, rainy, or snowy. 

Buy Fuel/Gas from Reputable Stations 

Fuel/gas must be bought from trustworthy service stations because low-quality fuel can severely damage the engine, harming the vehicle overall.   

Selecting A Good Car Insurer 

If your vehicle is severely damaged due to any accident, make sure the insurer is reliable, as he can get the car repaired most efficiently by contacting the original manufacturers to restore the affected car parts.    

Keep An Auto Record  

Make a habit of maintaining an auto log to record your automobile’s fuel fill-up and mileage. If the results show that the vehicle is inefficient in fuel consumption, then it should be taken to the service station.      

 Clean The Interior

People mainly focus on polishing the exterior of their vehicles and not worrying about the filth inside the car. Keeping the interior clean from any dust and garbage is equally essential.   

Park Car Under the Shade  

The best place to park your car is in the shade and not anywhere at home where direct sun rays strike the ground. The paint on the car starts to go low, and it is unhealthy for the car body to face the sun directly.   

Avoid Placing Heavy Carriers on Car Roof 

Heavy bags or other materials that weigh too much must be avoided to be placed on the roof of your vehicle. It can make the roof bend or leave scratches over the body.   

Clean Windshields  

Keeping the windshields clean can make you drive in the safest mode as you can be aware of the road and the barriers coming your way. The wipers must be checked regularly as they play a significant role during a heavy rainstorm in protecting you from getting into an accident.   

Check Tire Pressures 

Keeping a check on the tire pressure makes you stay safe from any accident, and maintaining this habit can elongate the tire’s life and increase fuel efficiency. The tire pressures keep changing every time you travel long miles, or the temperature fluctuates, so keeping an eye on the accurate pressure reading is important and getting the air filled when needed without delay.  

Check Oil Levels  

The oil levels must be checked regularly to keep the automobiles performing smoothly because, without lubricants, the car components start to tear up and collapse. Proper lubrication smoothens the movement of car parts and saves them from heat and damage.   

Wash Vehicle Regularly 

The vehicle should be washed regularly, and it can be done at your premises too. If you keep the car clean, you only need to get to the service stations occasionally. 

Every day our cars interact with the sun, bugs, dust, grease, and many more elements that need to be washed away to keep the exterior from being fully damaged because all these things rot the body of the car slowly.    

Car Battery Inspection  

The battery is one of the main organs of cars, and it must be supervised accordingly. If the battery goes down, the entire vehicle stops. If any minor damage is seen in the battery, it should instantly be made right to avoid major collapse.    

 Change Oil Every 5000 miles

The oils should be changed after every 5000 miles covered by the car to save it from wear and tear. The oil inside the engines absorbs all the dust and filth while staying in the engine, so it must be replaced with good quality oil after sometimes to save the engine from harm.  

 Change Air Filters Every 12000 miles 

Changing air filters can increase fuel efficiency and prolong the engine’s life. You don’t need to get to the service station to change the air filters, but it can be done in your garage at your convenience. Unlike changing the oil and finding a proper way to dispose of it, changing air filters is quite easy.    

Clean Engine  

Cleaning engines can make it run smoother and stay cooler. The performance efficiency goes up if the machines go through a deep cleaning procedure once every year.   


These are some of the few maintenance tips that require no hassle. If a person engages with them, the vehicles can be used longer without getting under heavy repair.  

Buying a car is not a solution but keeping it safe and protected through a line of proper maintenance is equally important. Maintaining a vehicle can save costs and let you enjoy your drive peacefully whenever you are out.  Automobiles serve their useful life only if they are dealt with great care and caution. Go down a deep survey before buying a vehicle, then adopt easy practices to maintain the car for regular use.   

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Written By Ken Jones

Ken Jones is a seasoned blog writer with over 8 years of experience in the automotive industry. Currently collaborating with SpeedyCashForCars, Ken brings a wealth of expertise to the world of automobiles. His industry-relevant blogs cover a wide range of topics, offering valuable insights and keeping readers informed about the latest trends and developments in the automotive world.

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